Dental fillings are one of the most common forms of dental treatment. At our clinic in Key West, Florida, we carry out lots of fillings per day. This is a very versatile treatment as it can be used in lots of different scenarios. When you develop caries, you’ll need a filling to build up your missing tooth after the decay has been taken away. Similarly, we offer dental fillings as a way of restoring damaged or broken teeth. If your tooth has been knocked out and some of it still remains, then a filling could be used in this scenario. 


Keeping all of this in mind, we often get various questions about our dental fillings in Key West. So, we’ve created this article to run through all the key points that you need to know before your treatment. 


What are dental fillings?

Essentially, a dental filling is something we use to restore the size and shape of a tooth. As we mentioned before, this is most commonly done when tooth decay is present. But, we can also use fillings to restore broken or chipped teeth. 


Fillings can come in different materials, but all of our dental fillings in Key West are made out of composite resins. This is a type of plastic that provides a more natural look for your teeth. 


What does the treatment look like?

You’ll be pleased to know that dental fillings are one of the more straightforward dental treatments on offer at our clinic in Key West, Florida. The entire procedure shouldn’t last longer than half an hour, and that’s for a particularly complicated filling. 


It starts by checking your tooth and seeing the state of the issue. If decay is present, then you will be given an injection to number the tooth before the procedure. This is because we need to drill away at your tooth and remove the decay. Depending on how deep the filling is, it can be quite sensitive. Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing! 


From here, we use the composite resin to fill in the hole and build up the tooth. It’s almost like a white putty that we can shape and manipulate to match your missing tooth. We then cure it using a UV light, and this solidifies the composite. Now, your tooth will look good as new. 


If we carry out fillings on damaged or chipped teeth, then drilling might not be required. As such, you won’t need any numbing injections. 


What are the benefits of dental fillings?

Primarily, you get rid of decay and restore your tooth to its former glory. Also, dental fillings are an affordable treatment that can be done quickly. They only take one appointment, and you shouldn’t see any side effects after. Your mouth may feel numb for a couple of hours, but you can still eat, drink, and get on with your day. Plus, the composite dental fillings we use in our Key West practice will last for years without falling out. 


Hopefully, this gives you all the information you need about fillings. If you feel like you need dental fillings in Key West, then don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll book you in for an appointment as soon as possible, and you can get your filling on the same day.