Do you have dentures, a partial, a failing bridge, or a missing tooth? If so, implants are an option. Did you know that when even one tooth is missing, it can negatively impact all of the other surrounding teeth? It can also start to affect the appearance of your face. Everyone’s looking for a quick way to a natural-looking smile, but it’s also vital to consider the quality and longevity of the replacement teeth you’re seeking. 

What’s a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are posts that replace the missing root via surgery. These imitate a natural tooth root and give a base for your dentist to put on crowns or other forms of replacement teeth. Most people end up needing a dental implant because they’ve lost teeth due to an accident, infection, excessive decay, periodontal disease, or just because they were born missing certain teeth.

It’s an option for people who have perhaps tried other types of solutions and are ready for a different treatment choice. If you’re the owner of some healthy gums, bone, and good dental hygiene habits, then this would be a great dental choice for you. If implants are choice for you call us at Summerland Dental for an exam and learn about what kinds of teeth would be good to attach to your implant and what kind of upkeep your dental implants would need.

How are Dental Implants Put In?

Dental implants are placed into your jaw bone via minor surgery. Once the post is placed the healing process can begin. When the implant is integrated with the bone, then the steps to attach your new tooth can be started.