Educational Videos

Temporary Flipper:
Posterior Bridge:
Single Crown:
In Office Teeth Whitening:
Site Specific Antibiotic Placement:
Sensitive Teeth:
Crowded Teeth:
Soft Tissue Allograft Surgery:
Guided Bone Regeneration:
Crown Lengthening (Dental Trauma):
Temporary Flipper:
Vertical Root Fracture:
Crack Due to Large NCCL Filling:
Diagnostic Wax Up:
Failed Large Fillings (Composite):
Adult Restricted Airway:
Mouth Breathing:
Immediate Denture:
Nasal Breathing Therapy:
Crown Lengthening (Deep Caries):
Lateral Ridge Augmentation:
Orthodontic Homecare for Traditional Braces:
Failed Large Fillings (Amalgam):
Orthodontic Care for Clear Aligners:
First Visit - Regular Exams:
First Visit - Comprehensive Exam:
First Visit - Dentures:
First Visit - Orthodontic Exam:
Laser Gingivectomy (Perio):
Laser Periodontal Therapy:
Periodontal Abscess:
Laser Gingivectomy (Esthetic):
Root Surface Decay:
Getting Traditional Braces Put On:
Dental Surgery:
Posterior Wear:
Labial Frenectomy:
Lingual Frenectomy:
Inspiratory Flow Limited Breathing:
Pit and Fissure Sealants:

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