Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D Imaging (CBCT)

Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D Imaging (CBCT)

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The new Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D Imaging (CBCT) represents a groundbreaking advancement in dental imaging technology, offering high-quality three-dimensional images of the maxillofacial region with significantly reduced radiation exposure. Utilizing advanced imaging parameters and sophisticated image reconstruction algorithms, this innovative system can achieve up to a 77% reduction in radiation dose compared to traditional CBCT imaging protocols while maintaining exceptional image resolution and diagnostic accuracy.

With its rapid image acquisition, versatile imaging capabilities, and patient-centered design, the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D imaging system at Summerland Dental sets a new standard for safety, efficiency, and precision in dental imaging, empowering our team to provide optimal care while prioritizing patient well-being.

Applications of Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D Imaging

Implant Dentistry

CBCT imaging is indispensable in implant dentistry for precise preoperative planning, accurate implant placement, and bone quality and quantity assessment for our dentist in Summerland Key, FL. Planmeca Ultra Low Dose technology enables detailed visualization of the alveolar ridge, adjacent anatomical structures, and potential implant sites, facilitating optimal implant placement and predictable treatment outcomes.


CBCT imaging plays a pivotal role in orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring of treatment progress. With Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D imaging in Summerland Key, FL, our dentist can evaluate skeletal and dental relationships, assess root morphology and resorption, and identify impacted teeth and anomalies with exceptional clarity and accuracy. This comprehensive information enhances treatment planning precision and helps achieve optimal patient orthodontic results.


CBCT imaging is invaluable in endodontics for diagnosing complex root canal anatomy, detecting periapical pathology, and assessing treatment outcomes. Planmeca Ultra Low Dose technology provides high-resolution images of the root canal system, periapical region, and surrounding structures, facilitating accurate diagnosis and treatment planning for endodontic procedures.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

CBCT imaging is essential in oral and maxillofacial surgery for preoperative planning, assessment of bony structures, and visualization of impacted teeth, tumors, and pathology. Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D imaging offers detailed volumetric images of the maxillofacial region, enabling precise surgical planning, virtual implant placement, and simulation of surgical procedures for optimal outcomes and patient safety.

Key Features of Planmeca Ultra Low-Dose 3D Imaging

Ultra Low Radiation Dose

At the heart of the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D imaging system is its ability to deliver high-quality images with ultra-low radiation. By optimizing imaging parameters and employing advanced image reconstruction algorithms, Planmeca has significantly reduced radiation exposure compared to traditional CBCT imaging protocols. The Ultra Low Dose technology reduces radiation doses by up to 77% without compromising image quality or diagnostic accuracy.

High-Quality Image Resolution

Despite the reduction in radiation dose, the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D imaging system maintains exceptional image resolution and clarity. Advanced image processing algorithms ensure sharp, detailed images with minimal noise and artifacts, allowing our dentist to visualize anatomical structures with unparalleled precision. These high-quality images are essential for accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient communication. For more information, contact us today!

Rapid Image Acquisition

The Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D imaging system offers rapid image acquisition, with scan times as short as a few seconds. This efficiency is achieved through optimized imaging protocols and advanced hardware/software integration, allowing our team to obtain high-quality images quickly and efficiently. Faster scan times translate to reduced patient chair time, improved workflow efficiency, and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Versatile Imaging Modes

The Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D imaging system offers a range of imaging modes and customizable settings to accommodate various clinical applications and patient needs. Whether capturing panoramic, cephalometric, or cone-beam images, the system provides flexibility and versatility to meet the demands of diverse dental specialties. Advanced imaging tools, such as multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) and 3D volume rendering, further enhance diagnostic capabilities and treatment planning accuracy.

Patient-Centered Design

In addition to its advanced imaging capabilities, the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D imaging system features a patient-centered design that prioritizes comfort, safety, and convenience. The system's open gantry design and spacious imaging volume accommodate patients of all sizes and ensure optimal positioning for accurate image acquisition. Intuitive user interfaces, ergonomic controls, and patient-friendly features enhance the imaging experience, minimizing patient anxiety and maximizing comfort.

The Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D imaging system significantly advances dental imaging technology, offering high-quality images with minimal radiation exposure. From implant dentistry and orthodontics to endodontics and TMJ analysis, the Planmeca Ultra Low Dose 3D imaging system transforms how our dentist diagnoses, plans, and delivers care, ultimately improving patient outcomes and enhancing the overall dental experience. For more information, visit Summerland Dental at 24986 Overseas Hwy, Summerland Key, FL 33042, or call (305) 745-1522.

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