Post and Core Buildup

Post and Core Buildup

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Post and core buildup is a restorative dental procedure designed to reinforce and support a tooth that has lost a significant portion of its natural structure. It is commonly performed following root canal therapy or in cases where a tooth has been weakened due to extensive decay, trauma, or previous dental work. At Summerland Dental, the primary goals of post and core buildup are to provide stability for a crown or other dental restoration, restore proper function and aesthetics, and prevent further damage or loss of the tooth.

Types of Posts

Metal Posts

Metal posts, typically made from stainless steel or titanium, are durable and provide excellent support for dental restorations. They suit teeth with sufficient remaining tooth structure and good bone support.

Fiber-Reinforced Posts

Fiber-reinforced posts, such as glass or carbon fiber, offer a more aesthetic alternative to metal posts while providing comparable strength and stability. These posts are ideal for use in anterior teeth or when aesthetics are a primary concern.

Zirconia Posts

Zirconia posts are tooth-colored posts made from a solid ceramic material known for its biocompatibility and aesthetic properties. Zirconia posts offer excellent strength and durability and are suitable for anterior and posterior teeth use.

Custom Cast Posts

Sometimes, custom cast posts may be fabricated in a dental laboratory to provide optimal fit and support for unique anatomical situations or complex restorations. 

The Post and Core Buildup Procedure

Assessment and Treatment Planning

Our dentist in Summerland Key, FL, begins by thoroughly examining the tooth and surrounding tissues, using radiographic imaging and clinical evaluations. Based on the findings, a treatment plan is developed to address the specific needs of the patient and the tooth requiring restoration.

Root Canal Therapy

If the tooth has not already undergone root canal therapy, this may be performed first to remove infected or damaged pulp tissue and disinfect the root canal space. This helps create a clean and healthy environment for the post placement and core buildup.

Post Placement

Once the root canal space has been prepared, a post is selected and inserted to support the core buildup material. The post is typically cemented or bonded into place using dental adhesive to ensure stability and retention.

Core Buildup

After the post has been securely placed, a core buildup material is applied to the remaining tooth structure to build up and reinforce the tooth. Depending on the clinical situation and the dentist's preferences, this core material may be composed of dental composite, glass ionomer cement, or other suitable materials.

Crown Preparation

Once the core buildup has been completed and shaped to mimic the natural anatomy of the tooth, the dentist prepares the tooth for the placement of a crown or other dental restoration. This may involve removing any remaining decay or damaged tissue, shaping the tooth to accommodate the restoration, and taking impressions to fabricate the final restoration.

Final Restoration

After the tooth has been prepared, a temporary crown may be placed to protect the tooth while the final restoration is fabricated in a dental laboratory. Once the final restoration is ready, it is bonded or cemented onto the tooth, completing the post and core buildup procedure.

The Benefits of Post and Core Buildup

Reinforcement of Weakened Teeth

Post and core buildup in Summerland Key, FL, provides structural support and reinforcement for teeth weakened due to decay, trauma, or previous dental procedures. By stabilizing the tooth and distributing biting forces more evenly, post and core buildup helps prevent further damage or fracture.

Restoration of Function and Aesthetics

Post and core buildup restores a tooth's natural shape, size, and function, enabling patients to chew, speak, and smile confidently. With proper placement and shaping, post and core restorations can closely mimic the appearance of natural teeth, enhancing aesthetics and overall oral health. For more information, contact us today!

Preservation of Tooth Structure

In cases where a tooth has lost a significant portion of its natural structure, post and core buildup allows for preserving the remaining healthy tooth structure. This minimally invasive approach helps conserve tooth tissue and avoid more extensive dental procedures such as extractions or dental implants.

Versatility and Adaptability

Post and core buildup procedures in Summerland Key, FL, are highly versatile and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient and tooth. With a wide range of post materials, core materials, and restoration options available, our dentist can customize treatment plans to achieve optimal outcomes for individual cases.

Post and core buildup is a valuable dental procedure that is critical in restoring the strength, function, and aesthetics of compromised teeth. If you have questions about post and core buildup or require dental treatment for a weakened or damaged tooth, visit Summerland Dental at 24986 Overseas Hwy, Summerland Key, FL 33042, or call (305) 745-1522 for personalized guidance and care.

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